Employement - Contract Driver Rates

Pay Program

  • Paid Orientation
  • Settlements paid weekly
  • Direct deposit available
  • 95% no-touch freight
  • 50% Drop and Hook

Mileage Rate

  • $2.02 per loaded mile      0 - 100 miles
  • $1.50 per loaded mile  101 - 200 miles
  • $1.25 per loaded mile  201 + miles
  • Empty miles are paid at $.070 per mile

We pay an additional $.01 per loaded mile if you have a HAZ-MAT endorsement on you CDL.

Stop Off Pay

$40.00 for each stop after the 1st stop.


We pay the bridge tolls in and out of New York City or any of the five boroughs - Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island and all points in Long Island. Service to these areas is voluntary only.

We pay tolls from New Jersey back to Pennsylvania over any Delaware River Toll Bridge Commission bridges.


$25.00 per hour after the first 2 hours under the following conditions -

  • You are on time for your delivery or live load pick-up appointment
  • We pay detention after 2 hours when there is no handling pay and/or no lumper pay involved.

Unloading Pay

We pay you to unload your freight based on a published unlaoding scale broken down by number of cases handled.

Electric Jack Run-offs

$30 for use of pallet jack.

Additional Opportunities

  • Fuel Surcharge Paid
  • Quarterly Safety Bonus
  • Escrow/Plate reimbursement for years of service
    • Year 1 : $ 300
    • Year 2 : $ 600
    • Year 3 : $ 900
    • Year 4 : $1200
    • Year 5+: $1500

Tractor Requirements

  • Three axle with sleeper cab
  • Required stack height of 12'6"
  • Wheel base no greater than 19'6"
  • 5th wheel height of 48"
  • Must pass DOT and Carlisle Carrier Inspection

Insurance Requirements

(We can provide these coverages at group rates)

  • Physical Damage
  • Bobtail Insurance
  • Qualcomm Coverage

Sign On Requirements

  • Tractor title (original or notarized certified copy)
  • Form 2290 showing proof of payment of Federal Highway use tax for the current year
  • Certified unladen weight ticket
  • Insurance certificates for bobtail and physical damage if you are utilizing our insurance carrier
  • Certificate of Worker's Compensation if you will be hiring a driver
  • Owner's Social Security or Federal ID Number
  • Establishment of an escrow fund
    • $750.00
    • Can be established by deducting 10% of the total taxable income each week until satisfied
  • Omnitracs satelite communications
    • Basic installation at no charge
    • $10 per week usage fee
    • $3 per week insurance fee
  • Base Plate
    • You must provide your own
    • Necessary state permits will be furnished.